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A Story of Influence

January 7, 2010

Oct. 2008 Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson released a book titled Influence.  Last summer I found the wonderfully large treasure trove at Columbia’s public library. Mary-Kate and Ashley interview the artists (designers and photographers) that have influenced them the most. I love how humble and honest the book is, and it sparked my thoughts on the idea of influence.

influence |ˈinfloŏəns|
the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself : the influence of television violence | I was still under the influence of my parents | their friends are having a bad influence on them.

Jan Von Holleben is a fabulous photographer. Her Dreams of Flying is a favorite among many in the art community, and has been recreated numerous times.

An animation experiment for “There’s Never Enough Time” by The Postal Service. Is directly inspired by the photographs of Jan Von Holleben.

Of course she was inspired by classic childhood books as well as modern superheroes.

Music artists pull from the music community constantly and we must continue to recognize who inspires the inspiring. For those are the people we must pay close attention to.

For example:

And those are just a few of the “B’s”.

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