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(Triple) Threat

January 25, 2010
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My friend Molly Cover texted me about an hour ago. She bragged,

David (her husband) just bought me Gouda (cheese) and red wine while I watch Grey’s (Anatomy) in bed. I thought that of all people you’d appreciate that.

In fact, I do appreciate that. Molly, myself and many others are undoubtedly Wine-O‘s. Sipping on that crimson liquid while listening to a 45 record’s “imperfections” is more than pleasurable. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy a good beer and (thanks to my father)  I consider myself a beer snob.

Maybe not as bad/dramatic as this fellow.

And thanks to my mother. And a trip to Europe. And a brother that just got back from living in Italy. I am also a wine snob.

Let me clarify, this is the opposite of a wine snob.

But people who own items like these are for sure in the snob category.

Does this Venn Diagram describe you as much as it describes me? If so you may be a music snob.

So, I like good wine and beer. Now we obviously have to add music to the snob list. Let’s face it, I’ve named my iTunes library “The Louvre”, everyone asks for my external hard drive full of treasures and I could currently listen to music non-stop for 60 days and still not have listened to my whole library.

Talking about wine and music makes my mind wander to those artists who write about wine and the affect it has over us. The Raveonettes wrote “Wine” which describes nose kissing while being drunk. There is of course “Red, Red Wine” by UB40. Once that one is stuck in your head it will take a while for it to leave.

Warning: this is a depressing video showing a man’s life that he wants to forget, using red wine as his vice.

Surprisingly there is a country song about wine (you’d think they would only write drab songs about beer), titled “Strawberry Wine” is sung by Deane Carter and after hearing 30 seconds I wanted to start a bottle of wine. Let me just state that strawberry flavored wine is an atrocity, I have yet to taste a good one. Anyway, a decent band called Fine Frenzy sings the song “Ashes and Wine” which is basically moping about a breakup and wondering if the aftermath is just ashes and wine, 64% is a bunch of questions, kind of frustrating… An exciting discovery, I found a one-eyed rapper who’s street name is Wine-O. Maybe he can be every wine snobs representative. But maybe not because in the opening scene of one of his music videos he wakes up with three different women. Yeah, I stopped watching it. So really what I’m trying to show you is that there are hundreds of songs with wine in the title. Here are a few more: “Lilac Wine” by Jeff Buckley, “Elderberry Wine” by Elton John, “Drinking Wine” by the Beastie Boys, “Summer Wine” by the Corrs, “Cherry Red Wine” by Johnny Lang and I can’t leave out “Don’t Drink That Wine” by Niggaz4life. The list is almost endless. Then there is a  band that I hold dear to my heart even though they are now mainstream.

Of course, Samuel Beam, lead singer of Iron and Wine.

So to summarize my weaknesses/strengths, I am a wine, beer and music snob. A triple threat, may the good Lord help the man (if there is one) who marries me.

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  1. Your Dad, the beer snob permalink
    May 14, 2010 1:39 am

    I would also suggest listening to Jackson Brownes first album “Saturate Before Using”. There is a great song (actually they are all great) called “From Silver Lake”. There is a great line; “Lately I remember, afternoons of smoke and wine, and the only thing we could find was peace and pleasure”. Good stuff.

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