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Long Overdue

June 29, 2010

These are a few things that have been on my sticky notes for about 9 months. Thoughts that I simply must put out on the world wide web.

Ra Ra Riot sounds like an emptier version of The Shins, but they are still decent. Speaking of The Shins when are they coming out with a new album? Whincing the Night Away is so ancient.

Miniature Tigers reminds me of an old friend’s band Republic Tigers– or maybe it’s just the name.

Fun fact: My dad’s band Jupiter Two covers this song on their sets sometimes.

African Americans are not afraid to sing out loud. Their friends don’t mock them for singing a song that is caged their brain. They aren’t embarrassed when they sing in public.

This video is more than demeaning. Gross. 

The only time that this song is good.

The appropriately titled show Glee has made me appreciate the importance of lyrics. The actors do a great job with annunciation and producing a clear message that the musical artist intended.

I believe that is all. For now.

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  1. Weekend permalink
    July 1, 2010 3:18 pm

    I agree with you about kitty purry. I also agree with you about Glee. My main, is African-American, though he prefers Black. The kid sings beautifully, but hates to sing out loud. I guess you are speaking in generalities though. That’s cool. Nothing wrong with stereotypes.

    Ra Ra Riot. I see where you could make an association with The Shins, but I think they are something different entirely also. I kind of see them as what Straylight Run should or could have been.

    p.s. – Your blog is pretty bad ass. I feel you about the Music and Beer snob. Not so much on the wine, but whatev.



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