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Suggestive Guidance

July 14, 2010

ree Downloads:

Owen Pallett EP, Lewis Takes Off His Shirt.

Another Free Music Monday.

I am obviously in the sharing mood, so here are some bands that I have been listening to lately (I left the well-known bands out of this list):

Soft Cat

Maximum Balloon

Kelis My brother showed me this rad video, her whole album is inspired by her new baby boy and I totally dig the huskies (dream dog).

Goldfrapp Loved her forever and it seems from her new album that I always will.

The Glitch Mob

White Belt Yellow Tag They need to smooth out their sound but they are decent. 

Magic Bullets Don’t worry, they don’t sing about the Magic Bullet 

Turin Brakes

Ghostface Killah

Sparrow & The Workshop Present day Peter, Paul and Mary? I think so.

What Laura Says


Timber Timbre Pretty mainstream now, so beautiful.

Lissie She cover Kid Cudi, she has to be cool.

!!! Free mp3 download.

Die Antwoord Transcribed an interview with them, fascinating (but dirty) band from South Africa.

Freelance Whales

The Do

t work I get “paid” in free promo music, these are the bands that aren’t worth checking out (don’t deserve a link):

Black Francis

MC Frontalot

Job Garcia- cool cover art, crappy music.

Alrighty then, sorry if that was overwhelming. That is just a fraction of how I feel every day. So many wonderful musicians, and that doesn’t even include beneficial podcasts! Let me know of some of your new favorites.

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